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Die Erde, der Raum, der Mars
A magazine for the Austrian space forum. A visual approach to raise interest.

die erde
der raum
der mars

"we created three chapters for this magazine, about the work on earth, about the amazing visuals in space and the goal, the mars mission"


The Austrian space forum approached my colleagues and me to create a magazine to raise publicity about there organization. That way, they create a university internal competition. My colleague and friend Marina Dragicevice teamed up with me to win this challenge, which we did in the end. I approached this task in a way that was focused on esthetics and a creating a picture of the ÖWF that is not based on science only. We planned a concept that heavily involves a gallery about visuals and science.

Die Erde

In the first part we wanted to introduce the ÖWF and tell the people the story about the preparations for mars missions. This chapter is supported by pictures that are focusing on science. Next to the choice of visuals and topics, we decided to give it a clean and light colourway.

This design concept continued in the planning of the atmosphere during the ÖWF keynotes.
As well as in the poster designs for the exhibitions.

Der Raum

The second part is focused on the amazing pictures by a photographer, who works close with the ÖWF and does their pictures for their websites and advertisement. He is a very talented artist. We were so impressed by one of his projects that was characterized by using high black and white contrast. We related that to the view in space. This is the most visual part in the magazine and focused on esthetics.

For the keynote atmosphere we planned to turn of all the lights and project the stunning images all around the people, to create the feeling of the great darkness of space.

Der Mars

After a chapter about the forum and science, a chapter about esthetics and visuals, we decided to use the third as a call to action. We introduced the readers to the mission, how the mars might be like and what further employees will be expecting. As the chapters before had a unique color way and layout, this chapter got one as well. The orange color stand for the mars and the blue color stands for the water that we might find their, but also for the transition from the space to the surface of the mars.

The Keynote designs is all about creating the feeling of the mars surface. Light and sound were tools to create this feeling. Strong inspirations were the brown tones of a desert and the orange light of a sunrise.


We also planned a exhibition, separated in three parts, all focused on the same aspects as the magazine. We actually planned the magazine as a support for the exhibition, but also as an independent information tool for visuals, science and informations about the forum.
The Exhebition is structured as the magazine, the beginning is created to offer information about the ÖWF combined with stunning images and visuals. Next to this two dimensional impressions we planned to offer a out of the ordinary exhibiton adventure that mimics the situations in pace and on mars.

a visual journey
to mars