Project archive

In these projects I am going to show the veriaty of skills I have, presented in different kind of projects
editorial design
poster design
cooperate identity
Concept projects



This is a poster I did after I read a lot about jewelry and its history. A big influence was the movie breakfast at Tiffanys.

This poster is the advertisement for a art exhibition

A concept work about paintings I love.  I created three concepts, using my "stoney font" and my "ornis font".

A business card I did for a barista from Vienna. Obviously I gotinspired by the Pantone color cards, in this case the one for the coffee cooler #704F38.

A different approach to a Theater poster. The play is about love and death, about rich and poor and about a poisonous love. The writer of Kabale und Liebe with a emoji mask.

A podcast cover for a vegan cooking podcast.

A brand identity combined with a packaging concept.

A different way of advertisement, influenced by the artist Timothy Goodman.
I did the illustrations myself.

Concepts and things that inspire me