About me

My name is Michael and I would love to create amazing results with YOU
graphic designer




I am a graphic designer with a bachelor degree from the New Design University located in St. Pölten. My work mainly focuses on strong use of typography in different ways. As a graphic designer with a strong connection to type design I am able to understand the purpose, the features and abilities of a font. Furthermore I have a strong sight for layout and balance. Apart from my design skills, I am independently, precisely and creative in solving problems.
Next to my graphic design study, I am educated in interior design and architecture from my time at the HTBLA Hallstatt. In my time as a student, I did a semester abroad in Barcelona at the IED. For the last few years I have been in international teams and I was able to work with different companies and agencies like Stadtschrift from Vienna, Monte Frank from Auckland (New Zealand), the ÖWF (Austrian space forum) and the Museum del Disseny in Barcelona to name the most known.


finished degrees (or erasmus semester*) from latest to earliest